Leon Mostovoy

Transfigure Book is a project of corporal self-expression, presented as an experimental, a visual feast. It’s a celebration of bodies that transcend the gender binary. As a transgender man I created the book as a step in my own self-acceptance and to promote positive body image in the trans community.

The Transfigure Book began with the concept of a traditional children’s flipbook, made up of transgender bodies, and created to explore our bodies in a safe and playful way. Created with fifty transgender bodies and a countless number of gorgeous combinations.

250 Limited Edition Hardbound Books are now available for purchase. Each book is hand assembled, making each a one-of-a-kind unique piece of art.

All copies are signed and numbered by the artist.


Transfigure Books are also sold at the following locations:

  • Artist Corner -
  • Leslie-Lohman Museum Bookstore
  • Otherwild -
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles -