Welcome to the Transfigure Project Website!

I’m Leon Mostovoy, photographer and creator of this project.

As a transgender man I created this project as a step in my own self-acceptance and to promote positive body image in the trans community. This is an interactive domain made to be a safe and open art forum to engage with trans-bodies, body image, and body politics in a safe and playful way. Beginning as a photographic installation, film, and traditional book, the website is a way to extend dialogue, education outreach and inclusion.


Transfigure Project Website is:

Virtual Book

Play with it! Imagine, create and contemplate. The Transfigure Book is based on the concept of a old-time children’s flipbook, comprised of transgender bodies, with interchanging heads, torsos and nether regions. The book was created to explore our bodies in a safe space.


Community Forum

Leave your comments pertaining to trans-bodies, body image, body politics, community-building, resources or questions on any of these matters.



Essays by trans authors exclusively for the project. Check for periodic updates.



(Trans-identified only) people can upload photos to be included on the website and in the traditional book.

This site is made to be a safe, positive, intellectual, constructive, international virtual society for trans dialogue. A place where we can all engage in support, art and education. Made exclusively for humans who are: transgender, trans allies, trans children, trans parents, gender non-conforming, questioning, educational institutions, and all of those who are interested and want to engage with respect and sensitivity.

I am trusting in us humans that we’ll be respectful, kind and compassionate so that we can keep this website as an open forum, where anyone can post comments, engage with community and enjoy the book feature. So please, be kind, play and have fun!

Much love, Leon